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coyotes, butterflies and a town like New York

You're the best definition of good versus evil

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Every penny of it
Australian. Melbournian. 17. Loud. A little crazy. A little obsessive.
I use this journal mostly to talk about my life, to rant, and to post fic. It is friends only, but I love meeting new people.
I also think everything sounds better with a British accent, and with rain on the roof.

Travel. Writing. Music. Soccer. Film. James Bond. Daniel Craig. Aston Martins. The Aston Martin DBS. Doctor Who. David Tennant. John Barrowman. Shakespeare. Rain. Thderstorms. Original Fic. Fanfic. The Beach. Quotes. Catharsis. Photography. Family. Friends. Different Cultures. Autumn. Barack Obama (WIN)
Global Warming. Bad Spelling. Bad grammar. Useless Politicians. Hip Hop. Myspace. People who bitch relentlessly. Twilight. (yeah).

Casino Royale. The Bourne Series. GOAL! Pirates. Indiana Jones. Ocean's 11. Ocean's 13. Layer Cake. Blood Diamond. The Day After Tomorrow. The Incredibles. Finding Neverland. Moulin Rouge! Quantum of Solace. Coldplay. Snow Patrol. John Powell. Jason Mraz. John Barrowman. Jason Mraz. Oasis. One Republic. Michael Buble. Billy Joel. The Cat Empire. Counting Crows. Death Cab For Cutie. Dido. Enya. Ewan McGregor. The Goo Goo Dolls. Hans Zimmer. Imogen Heap. Jack's Mannequin. JT. The Last Goodnight. Nickelback. Matchbox Twenty. The Presets. Robbie Williams. Sam Sparro. Sherwood. The Gipsy Kings. Also: Jazz. Soundtracks. Vivaldi. Bach.
The Raw Shark Texts. Steven Hall. The Bourne Trilogy. Robert Ludlum. The Tomorrow Series. John Grisham. Alex Rider. Anthony Horowitz. Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen. Much Ado About Nothing. Hamlet. William Shakespeare. 007. Ian Fleming. Sebastian Faulks. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Douglas Adams. The Messenger. The Book Thief. Marcus Zusak. Jeremy Clarkson. Andy McNab. David Baldacci. John Grisham. Jeffrey Archer. Ben Elton The West Wing. Top Gear. Spicks and Specks. The Chaser's War on Everything. Friends. Little Britain. Torchwood. Doctor Who. Burn Notice. Grey's Anatomy. Robin Hood. Good News Week. Mock the Week. Thank God You're Here. David & Margaret at the Movies. Pride and Prejudice.

I knew you were you. Casino Royale is love.
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